Happy Muir Year!

My latest essay on John Muir was just published in The Humanist!  See what you think.

And may all readers of this blog, my books, columns and essays discover ever greater gifts of Beauty in Nature in 2020!

John Muir’s Radical Religion of Beauty (The Humanist)

Top image:  my first book, Meditations of John Muir

A recent review: “Nice, short little meditations to read just before a hike. Or to help get thru the winter until another hiking season. I haven’t been able to get into or enjoy John Muir’s whole books, so this is a nice little snippet.”

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  1. Nice work. That was a pleasure to read, Chris

  2. Congratulations on sharing this fine piece with one of my favorite magazines.

    • A bow of thanks, Jim. It does feel like some kind of accomplishment. For a freelancer, it’s a step forward, I think. All the best and a Happy Muir Year! Sure appreciate all the support you continue to give (including the beautiful card from you two!).

  3. Expoloring my family history and discovered John Muir is s relative. I have a gold locket that belonged to Margaret Muir, Johns sister. Still havent sorted out the details, relying on my 93 year old Uncle to givbe me more info.

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