African Nature


As wonderfully diverse as it is, Nature is Nature, wherever we are.  the Americas, Africa, Asia, Arctic, Antarctic. . .(and all other places on the globe without an “A”)

My young friend Thomas from Ethiopia contacted me a few years ago.  He was a student in the university at the time and found my web-writings.  At his request, I sent him several of my books, and a pair of binoculars for his birdwatching.

We connected across continents and oceans through our common love of Nature, and appreciation for the wild wisdom of John Muir, John Burroughs and other voices of the natural world, wherever they are.

Peace in Africa, Thomas, my friend. 

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  1. Sure ! We are not far from what we call all The Natural.It is where we found all our Fundamentals including Religion.
    Mountains were not cartloads of rocks to The Greatest Human Kind called John Muir .They were a channel to the Eternal Truth and maintaining divine contacts through their seamless radiations.

    • Good words, Thomas! We are natural, and “religion” (a recognition of our deep connection to nature) is fundamental, I think. Muir understood, and the mountains were calling him (and us) to higher views, and deeper insight. Peace, my friend

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