Questions for Alan Alda

I have very fond memories of watching MASH each week with my family when I was in high school.  An excellent show with wonderful acting and almost always a great “message” to think about.

If you haven’t heard Alan Alda for a while, his “Clear and Vivid” podcast on communication is really worth a listen.  If only to hear his voice, his humor and his love of science, reason and humanity.

At the end of each podcast, Alan asks his guests seven questions on a more personal level.  Recently he asked listeners to submit new questions for him to ask the interesting people he interviews.

Here are the questions I sent:

1) If you had the ear of the whole world for one minute (via internet, radio, tv, etc), what would you say?
2) If you could play a game with any person in history, what would you play and with whom?
3) If you had the power to stop any conflict in the world, which one would you end?
4) If you could speak all the languages of the world, what would you do with that ability?
5) When a person on the street asks you for money, what do you say and do? (note: I used to be a street chaplain)
6) If you were locked in a cell by yourself for even one day, what would you miss the most? (note: I used to be a jail chaplain too)
7) What is one thing that you wish Science would solve, answer or at least explain?
8) If all religions of the world suddenly decided to work together, what do you think/wish would be the first thing they would/could do?
(alternate: If you had Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius and Muhammad together in your house, what would you do/or where would you go together?)

I wonder how people would respond?  How would YOU respond to one or all?


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