What’s in the Backpack?


Hey Kids!  Shhh.  This book is better than those silly textbooks!

I wonder how many people are aware of the deceptive way some evangelical churches are sneaking their gospel goodies into public schools.  The deception is unethical if not, you might say, ironically, unbiblical (?).

One insidious way is through Backpack Giveaways that draw needy children to their “fun events” with free food and games and waterslides.

Here’s how one local church does it. 

“We really have a heart for the kids here.”

Now, I don’t know for sure that they put “gospel goodies” in those packs, but the whole thing is crawling with church members, and here’s how a similar “outreach” was plugged in CA:

“Help show God’s love to our community and help children meet their educational goals.”

As usual with these sneaks, you have to do some digging and clicking to find what’s really going on:

“Since 90% of the people are un-churched we have a rare opportunity to create a family-friendly outreach to support the entire family. As a participant/donor in this program [we] encourage adding church brochures, flyers to a church program or event, a Bible or a spiritual booklet.”

The fact that these “outreach missions” target low-income children and their families is especially appalling.

Beware what’s in the backpack. Keep your eyes and ears out for the Spiritual Sneakers (camouflaged like that spider in the photo).

You have to wonder when police departments, non-profits and news organizations publicize and support this sneaky sectarian stuff.

Btw, I’ve written before about a similar practice by Franklin Graham’s “Samaritan’s Purse” of giving away “Christmas Shoeboxes” to children around the world.  Inside the boxes, tucked neatly with the school supplies:  “come to Jesus” materials.  Like missionaries of old, these people have one thing in mind as they prey on the needs: Make More Little Christians! and at all costs … including honesty, integrity, ethics, real compassion and maybe at the cost of any real faith itself.

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