“God” is Trusted in My State!


In my state of North Carolina, we can choose license plates that say:

First in Flight (my favorite, because of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk)

First in Freedom (the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence was supposedly signed in Charlotte in May 1775 a few weeks after the battles of Lexington and Concord … Jefferson called it a hoax)

And NOW (drum roll), we can choose:

First in God … well, actually, In God We Trust (because, of course, we do trust Jesus God here in North Carolina.  That’s why Jesus’ God’s Own Party–GOP– has such control here)

So, North Carolinians, if you really want to show how much faith you have, how incredibly much you TRUST GOD, AND, to prove what a fantastic and patriotic American you are:  ask our State for a divine license plate.

(By the way, if you live in Mississippi, your Only Choice for a default plate is “In God We Trust.”  But we all know the Faith of Mississippians is legendary)

So, if you’re just passing through my state, give a wave and thumbs up to our Proud “First in God” drivers!  You can wave at me too, if you want.

(Questions of the Day:  What does it mean for a driver to “trust” God?  Do you feel safer with them at the wheel?  How do you think the State folks would feel about “In Allah We Trust,” “In Buddha We Trust,” “In Goddess We Trust,” or “In No God We Trust”?  What are YOUR questions?)


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