A Question for Alabama


Peace and Justice Memorial, Montgomery, Alabama

You may have heard of this story of a pregnant black woman in Alabama who was shot, her fetus died, and she’s charged with manslaughter.  Because … Alabama.

“Women’s advocacy groups and abortion rights activists seized on the Alabama case as an example of punishing women for the outcome of a pregnancy. They say such thinking was also behind the state’s newly passed anti-abortion law — considered among the country’s most restrictive.”

Here’s my question (I’m semi-serious) for Alabama and all these other state legislatures that are passing anti-woman laws:

IF a fetus in the womb is a “person,” as you say, with all the rights of an actual Born Human Being, then what about the National Census?  Shouldn’t every fetus be counted?  And what if the mother says that she “knows” (in the way mother’s “know”) how her fetus votes?  Could this increase the number of voters?  Since many of these restrictive laws primarily impact poor women and women of color, I wonder how many fetuses would vote for God’s Own Party (GOP)?

Silly.  But is it really?  How far are these folks willing to take this “personhood” belief (because it IS a belief, a religious belief they want our free society to abide by)?

And, by the way, I used to be a conservative Christian, so I know that “the more babies, the more believers.”  I also know that “all babies go to heaven” so why try to save them?  As we all know (don’t we?), heaven is full of “the unborn” as well as the “born again.”

These are questions I wonder about.

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