Marching for Life?


Independence Hall, Philadelphia

My dear wife and I visited a friend in Philadelphia–that Capital of Liberty– who told us they joined in the “March for Life” crowd in D.C. this year.  We weren’t surprised and shrugged it off.   Yet, on reflection, I reasoned:

I can march with anyone who marches for Life, who honestly loves LIFE …

That would mean we would stand together:

-Marching for stronger gun laws

-Marching for economic equality and fairness

-Marching for adequate housing for all

-Marching for universal healthcare

-Marching to abolish the death penalty

-Marching to end war and the obscene billions spent on military defense

-Marching to celebrate Love between two people, same-sex or not

-Marching to respect the Constitution’s guarantee of religious freedom (no religion has exclusive power or privilege)

Oh, and since we’re truly marching for LIFE, let’s add:

-Marching to support women’s health and right to choose birth options

Finally (for now):

Let’s march to honor and respect the diverse voices who march with us in our secular, pluralistic nation

What would YOU march for?



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