Atheist Evangelist?


Teacher, but not an evangelist

In this two-part essay, I present what I think is a more constructive way for people of faith and those without faith to actually communicate without evangelizing each other.

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Why I Am Not an Angry Evangelical Atheist–Part One (Patheos)

Why I Am Not an Angry Evangelical Atheist–Part Two (Patheos)

Comment from one angry atheist:

“I suspect Highland’s problem is that he’s a “pastoral” type … It’s really a little demeaning to have to waste time deflecting criticism from supposed atheists [like Highland] whose main concern is retaining warm personal relationships with all their superstitious buddies. I would suggest that Highland’s problem with other atheists is indeed HIS problem … “

It’s not every day I’m called “pastoral”–and meant as a slam!

I actually take that as a compliment, since I hope to have carried forward some of my “chaplain’s heart” which may have something to do with “retaining warm personal relationships” whenever possible.

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