A few weeks ago I posted “Freethought, Faith and the Future”–a call for the bridging of divided communities through honest conversation, deeper understanding and formation of sincere relationships leading to collaborative actions.

Well, now this from The Bridge at the Orlando Sentinel.

I think these two leaders (Baptist and Atheist) are displaying a model we could all learn from, whatever side of the divides we stand on.

If we could “stand on” and stand up for true religious liberty, as these people are, no doubt we can find other common ground to live more peaceably and humanely.

btw, this week I sat in the front of a church sanctuary with a pastor as we discussed the meaning of freethought, sacred, secular, gospel and other words that carry emotion and invite questioning.  Those gathered had wonderful comments and questions as well.  It felt like a significant step for that church and for my relationship to them.

btw2, I really like the name “Freethought Community.”  If wisely and carefully built, that could include people across the spectrum who are committed to open-mindedness, justice, equality and freedom of conscience.


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