New Book for Freethinkers

This collection of 33 essays and columns includes a sprinkling of poems written for the book.


Humanist Meditations

As I continue to teach classes on Freethought and Freethinkers (like Carl Sagan in the Spring and Seneca in the Fall), and now include courses on Christian Nationalism, it becomes more critical in our time to “meditate” (reflect, contemplate, think harder, be in Nature).  A very humanistic thing to do.  Let me know what you think of the book.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thank you for the Don’t you wish Jesus had said that. My wife is an episcopal deacon here in Lubbock, and chaplain at private school. I grew up Presbyterian, but my parents and I switched when I got married. I’ve always struggled with belief in God. I still do. I just try and live by the first two commandments and not make life difficult. I admire and respect those who love their faith, except when they follow white nationalism. Or hateful rhetoric and proclaim to be Christian. I do not think Jesus’ goal was for a new religion to emerge. Or, he knew, or did he? Reading scripture sometimes I feel like I’m watching Monty Python. Anyway, only the dead know the truth. Anyway, thanks for your writings. 

  2. Well Chris, You at least 6 books in front of me. I envy your focus to write, publish and distribute your work. The envy doesn’t last very long as it is founded upon the inspiration of your freethought and secular approach to our many challenges and free time to join with our earthly environment. Congrats on this new addition.


  3. Love your thinking out of the box!

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