Book Cover Images

A selection of the images I’ve used for my book covers:

See all the Highland Books here

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  1. Just a quick note to say you are one prolific dude. You write books in your sleep and I have been working on mine for 5 years and have yet to complete the final draft. You are inspiring Chris, but perhaps we have very different styles and habits. Undoubtedly. When I see your covers i want to go fishing or take a hike with you and chat.

    • A hike and chat would be wonderful, Marty, I’m sure. Guessing your book will be great, given the quality time, diligence and commitment to the value of humanist service. Cheers.

      • Thanks for the encouragement and prophetic analysis of my book before you have read it. Very gentlemanly of you. Do you ever get to Canada? I live in Vancouver and we have some of the greatest mountain hikes to found on our continent. Love to be your guide for a day. Do you fly fish?

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