Solstice Meditation

As a deep cold approaches, we feel the change of seasons in our bones–our bodies and brains …  A poem blows into the mountains of my mind.

Solstice Meditation (Solar Medication)

Deep chill, climbs the hill
Inside/outside, tide and yuletide
Naked trees and branching light
Son of sea and season—
One ceasing, one seizing.

Mountain-grown, mountains groan
High country lifting up, up
Low quakes of ancient living rock
Ascending waves enter roots
And shake the silence
Until fruits loosen and release.

Creative death.

Nature writes with dark and light
Snow and sun blend into one
Tea to warm while birds in swarm
Flight to fight for seeds and nuts and
Worming beneath earth that sleeps

Yet never sleeps, though rests
Head on arm, eyes half closed
Alert to awaken at a moment’s unnoticed
Movement, shadows raking leaves
Left by Fall, still falling and falling still.

Bright orb of fire stands firm
We circle, circle, circle
The old dies in honor of the new
Birthing breathing beauty.

Every day a turning
Of seasons
A learning
Of reasons
To dip a dose
of green
Up close
Yet hidden
In the cyclic journey
Toward what cures
And endures …

Chris Highland

—Solstice 2022

(photo:  icefall on the Blue Ridge)

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  1. A poet indeed you are. When reading the last verse, I become interested if one of your distant relative teachers wrote Ecclesiastes. One of the best books in the holy book. I was surprised to learn that Ecclesiastes is one of the most read section of the book behind only John 3:16 and the 23rd Psalm. It is the most secular book in the Bible and quoted by writers of all persuasions and faith systems. That maybe your goal also and I think you are well on your way. Happy Holiday Chris from snowy Canada. I have nicknamed you Highroad Chris.

  2. Great poem with awesome snow photo.

  3. I really enjoyed this, Chris – it’s beautiful.


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