Isle of View

We’ve now been on several coastal Atlantic Sea Islands.  This time, near Charleston, SC.

Among the ibis, heron, eagles, ospreys, gators and deer, in the palms, pines and ocean breezes, riding bikes over miles of paths (and on the beach), this was a true fall retreat for us.

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  1. I want to thank you for your column on optimism and gratitude. (Hendersonville Times-News). My husband – an otherwise healthy retired man – was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer on Monday. Our dense sorrow and fear has led us to hugging, talking, and crying more than we have ever. We have been sustained and nurtured by all the loving and competent medical staff at our hospital. And your wise words of optimism and gratitude is exactly what I needed this morning. He, a cultural Jew, I, a cultural Christian are not religious, but have a deep sense of a higher power, which includes science, nature, and humor. So thanks!

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