Atheist Letter to God

Archbishop Tutu’s daughter, an Episcopal priest, was not allowed to lead a funeral for her godfather in an Anglican church because she’s married to another woman (CNN)

In response, her wife, an atheist, wrote a “letter to God.”  I was impressed by her openness.

“The decision to prevent Tutu van Furth from holding the ceremony in the church was branded “homophobic” by her wife, Marceline Tutu van Furth, a professor in pediatric infectious diseases in the Netherlands, where the couple live.

In an open letter to God published on LinkedIn, she described herself as an atheist who had received a “very warm welcome into this religious family.”

In the letter, she referenced a quote from her late father-in-law, who famously said that he would not worship a homophobic God, and added: “My request to you is: please help the people of the Church of England who definitely are homophobic to clear their minds and allow any clergy person to marry any person they respect and love.”

Could there be “Prophets”–even “Atheist Prophets”!– speaking to the Church today?

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