Make America Great (Britain) Again?

Watching the ceremony for King Charles we heard him proclaimed “Head of the Commonwealth” and “Defender of the Faith” (The … Faith).  And, of course, repeated cries of “God Save the King!”

This made me wonder if this is actually what the MAGA Christian Nationalists are truly after:

⇒Make America Great Britain Again!

They want a King who defends Their Exceptional Faith.

I wonder.

As the National Secular Society in Britain asserts, there should be no Anglican Bishops in Parliament.

As the Church of England states:

“In the House of Lords, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and other senior bishops of the Church of England play a full role in the work of the House. Bishops have sat in Parliament since its inception. As the Lords Spiritual, they are independent members who lead the House in prayer at the start of each sitting day and speak on many issues of concern. Their work is informed not only by their role as Christian leaders, but as people with deep roots in the communities that they serve. Their position reflects the constitution, with the Queen/King as the Supreme Governor of the established Church of England. The bishops are different from other members of the Lords as their numbers are capped by law at 26 and they have to retire at the age of 70.”

The Revolutionary Founders of the American Republic rejected this “establishment” in the very first Amendment of a Constitution based on secular principles such as Separation of Church and State.

It seems we have many who want to take us Back to Britain to be subjects of God’s specially chosen King.

I wonder who the “Lords Spiritual” would be?

God Save Whom?

I know, the Queen’s/King’s role in England is largely ceremonial and many of these phrases and claims are simply tradition.  Yet, tradition matters in the public mind and often in public policy

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  1. This is Chris, a very interesting post you have theorized. I think many conservative Americans are anti-monarchs like the founders of the Constitution but very much threatened by the separation of church and state and would jump at the chance to have an American Bishophry in the US government. Most people in the right wing Christian clan are not very well read or are they observers of pluralistic communities and the merits of many different opinions in exercising the “golden rule” in government. The ancient texts followed religiously by Christian Nationalists reinforced by internet caves and pulpits make for the opinion that a “god driven” government would lead to “heaven on earth” Even the modern Israelites (Jews of Israel) don’t support a theocracy and have a very secular governmental and political structure.

    One of the conferences I would like to attend is where religious leaders of the US come together to sort out who would define “god” and the “laws of the land” in this new theocracy and who’s theology would become dominant. The Reformation and many inside revolts in churches show they can’t agree within themselves and actually it could precipitate a new spiritual Civil War that has been prevented in America because of the founders prioritizing democracy over church run state. Would the US after adding a bishopry have multitudes of state lead religious wars with liberal Washington state wanting to fight and succeed from the Union and join Cascadia, a state proposed in 1880 combining Oregon and Washington with British Columbia. Oh Yeh. That would be a state that you and I could walk peacefully on mountain stream casting a fly rod with ease amongst friends and a pluralist set of fishing laws.

    Keep up the insightful work, Chris.

    • I’m with you, Marty, and would be glad to live in Cascadia! I think you’re correct that many of the WCN folks appear anti-monarchy, yet they look to authoritarian Men like the 45th as God-appointed royalty. Yes, lots of ignorance and magical thinking. For my next class, I’ve re-written the Declaration and the Constitution as dreamed of by the WCNs. Should make for lively conversation! Be well.

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