Afterthoughts on the Afterlife

Is there really anything after life … after death?

Here’s a sneak peek at my column coming this weekend:

Hereafter, Afterthoughts on the Afterlife

“Is there an afterlife? What if there isn’t a hereafter? Does it matter?”

After a lifetime of reflecting and believing on these matters, I’ve heard and considered many views of life beyond life. I’ve come to some “final” conclusions on the final chapter, page, sentence, word and letter of our lives. The story ends for all of us, but then what? A blank page. We leave it for others to leave notes and comments, memories and images of who we were and what our lives, words or actions meant for them. We live on in the thoughts (hearts, “souls”) of those who knew us, loved us.”

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  1. Sympathy for your family, in these awesome days of completion…. your peaceful reflection is very beautiful.

    Slipping in to sleep is very attractive to me…. possibly no more striving, anxiety. That sounds very restful, like William Cullen Bryant’s “…like one who wraps the drapery of his couch about him and lies down to pleasant dreams” — without the dreams : )

    For a reading group of Whitehead’s “Process and Reality,” John Cobb’s lectures open the door to possible continuation in some way — Since everything is “bi-polar,” with a mental and physical pole, with everything at different points on the continuum, Cobb says Whitehead’s metaphysics leaves the door open to the idea of mostly “mental” “events” — Cobb thinks there’s a continuation. It’s making me reconsider my assumption that “I” just cease… in a way, a little disappointing : )

    Years of hospice chaplaincy were sad ….and awesome, beautiful. I honor you and yours, may all be well

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. With your background, I know you have empathy. I just started reading Whitehead again (Adventures of Ideas–haven’t read since college Philosophy). Yet, my focus is on my upcoming class on Christian Nationalism. Speaking of ideas!

      • In the Process & Reality groups there’re a lot of references to “Adventures of Ideas” — sounds like his total “system” is sort of spread among his writings, continuing to evolve. (process!) Fascinating to try to grasp his view of how everything is interconnected — fun to try learning a new language!
        [Technical: I don’t know why my blog’s link to your post shows up on your blog as a comment!! I’ve tried to erase the link or change settings, with no success. If it keeps happening, I hope you can delete them!! & I’ll keep trying to learn what’s going on! My apologies!!!!!]
        The posts that will grow out of your Christian Nationalism class will help the world! We need it desperately!!! Gratitude, for taking it on systematically; …and peace

        • Yes, a process indeed, Elizabeth. And all these years later I can dare to disagree with ANW here and there. As for the interconnections, I prefer the naturalistic descriptions from my old friends, Muir, Burroughs, Thoreau, Emerson, Whitman, etc. And I’ve been reading the Stoics as well, who echo that wider view, gods or no.

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