Guns, Gynecology & God

From my recent FB posts:

Wow … Guns, Gynecology and God!
The Righteously-Robed are on a theocratic roll.

Now, we get to celebrate our independence (?)

As Frederick Douglass asked, what is the Fourth to us?


Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 10.33.59 AM

The Puritan takeover of our secular constitutional democracy is underway (MAPA: Make America Puritan Again).
Religious privilege and the establishment of one religion over all others is now fully in the open for all to see.
First, “School Choice” (see cartoon)
Second, the right to carry “God-given” weapons of mass execution without a permit
Third, the “Rights of the Unborn” and the “Born Again” are more important than the Right to Life of schoolchildren and the Rights of Women to make personal health choices
Next up: Praying coaches (who disrespect the clear teachings of Jesus about hypocritical public prayers)

We aren’t merely witnessing a slippery slope. . .this is stepping off the cliff as the wall of separation between religion and state crumbles to dust.
(I actually see a sliver of silver lining to the dark clouds–White Christian Nationalism is being exposed in the light of day)

Then, a little poster I made on the gridiron Jesus huddle. . .

Can’t wait for The Satanic Temple to claim a yard line (alongside Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Humanists. . . )!


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  1. Chris. I always read these explorations of the days we are in with a heavy heart then one about to explode. I wish I could follow more prudently the teaching of Lhotse and be able to respect those that lie as well as those that tell the truth. I am trying to find my niche besides the Humanist Chaplain role where I can fight back more deliberately this White Christian Nationalism which wants to turn the clock back to 3000 year old herder culture ethics. I totally agree with your phrase, that this movement cares more about the freedom to carry guns and the unborn than they do the living. This is the biggest hypocritical stance I have seen in my lifetime and wish to no longer sit by and just read about this MAPA movement which is a disgrace to any knowledgeable Christian or not. The cherry picking of the scriptures, Chris is at an all time high. Interestingly the only scripture dealing with anything like abortion is in the OT Chapter 5 V. 19-24 of Numbers and deals with a pregnant wife guilty of adultery. She could take the abortion potion of the day and rid her husband of the problem of who would inherit his land or face any social embarrassment. Most holy book laws about sex are patriarchal when men ruled everything including their female relatives bodies. How can anyone go back to that era of ignorance and imperialistic gender inequality. As Fagan said as the handwriting was on the wall in Oliver, “I am reviewing the situation” and I will act. Thanks per usual for your consistent and informed opinions.

    • Sure agree, Marty, very difficult to respect those who lie so boldly. Yes, if some want to go back to ancient cultures to live by those moralities, fine, but they can’t impose it on any one else. The Supremes are taking the U.S. backward, but I do think they will eventually find the Constitution is not their personal weapon. Let’s hope more citizens “review the situation”. . .and vote! Thanks, and take care.

      • My Humanist form of prayer is my hope and involvement in pushing liberal-moderate voters to the booth so that the Jan. 6th insurrection not only will result in convictions and jail time but a landslide victory for the Democrats and majorities in both houses. Since SC Justice Breyer (Sp?) is retiring in a few weeks, we need to start balancing out the SCOTUS with updated judges who are not just liberal in politics but do not impose their worldview on the precedents they vote for and write. I tell my friends who say to me….but the negation of Roe vs Wade is now back to the State process and let’s let each jurisdiction prevail. I then remind them if Slavery had been put to a vote in 1863 we might still have it in some Southern States. And would the Civil rights act of 1964 been passed? etc. etc. The constitution is about an entire nation and on occasion local cultures go radical and their needs to be a more pluralistic set of voices who can see the bigger picture. Here’s hoping and voting.

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