Bear-able Beauty

She slowly moseyed out of the forest, across the road and over the lawn to lay down in the shade just outside my window (right near my writing desk).  Only feet (or paws) away, I could hear her rapid breathing, watching her sides swell with each hot breath.  She turned over several times, clawing onto a post or branch, before wandering off to the next cool shade.

As I observed her slow rambling lumbering gait, I felt grateful this large wild neighbor chose to rest so near, so close, so peacefully.  I thought of other wild things, and reflected:

Like us, they need a place to rest, a safe refuge from heat (or cold), a sanctuary from all the dangers and din of people, cars, dogs … in the “civilized” world.

They teach us what is essential.

The wildness of bearable beauty.

(and yes, that’s a tracking collar around her neck.  we have many of her furry kind in our area)

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  1. Absolutely incredible photographs Chris. So powerful and beautiful.

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