Hide and Seek?

An excerpt from the “Highland Views” column coming this weekend.

Physicists are seeking a “fifth force” in the universe.  So I take the exploration a step (or giant leap) further, to ask a simple question:

Is a Creator Playing Hide and Seek?

“The scientific pursuit of knowledge, particularly about particles, building-blocks of our universe, may have something to say about the eternal religious pursuit of the Building-Block Maker. 

This thought collides with one troubling fact:  As we discover more blocks, we aren’t uncovering an Undercover Personality.  Unless of course, as I’ll mention below, one believes the blocks themselves are a deity. 

Do you ever wonder why a Creator of such marvels, mysteries and matter would hide behind a cloak or curtain?  Wouldn’t you want to stand out in the open and proudly announce:  “Hey, look what I made!”?

Read the full piece this Saturday in the Citizen-Times

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  1. This reminds me of a poem I wrote after the prompt “A God Who Wants to be Found”

    Like playing hide and seek with a toddler
    Your laugh can be heard
    You’ve picked the smallest Branch
    And you’re kneeling down
    It’s really quite absurd
    I feel like we’ve played this game my entire life
    I’m so glad you’ve never been very good at hiding

    -Season Ferrell

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