Quantum Church

As a fan of Young Sheldon, the brilliantly precocious little guy with a big brain who grows up to be Jim Parsons in “Big Bang Theory,” I’ve often stopped the tape at the very end of the show to read Chuck Lorre’s meandering meditations.  Then, this. . .


The Church of Fundamental Quantum Thingies
I just watched a PBS special about the nature of space hosted by noted author, physicist and Big Bang Theory alumnus, Brian Greene. When it was over, I was struck by the thought that the mysterious dark energy that fills the universe might be what human beings have been praying to for thousands of years. I mean, think about it. What if prayer and meditation are natural, evolutionary pathways to connect to Einstein’s cosmological constant, Buddha’s nirvana and Jesus’s dad? According to physicists, this dark energy is both infinite in extent and the prime mover for an expanding universe. Kinda fits the bill, right? Let’s take it a step further. What if gravity, the mysterious force pulling the cosmos inward, is what our feeble frontal lobes perceive as evil? And finally, what if the two forces in balance are what allow for the whole shebang to exist in the first place? We label them good and bad. Love and hate. Life and death. But at the end of the day, all we have are two fundamental quantum thingies that can be directly experienced. Hmm… not sure what to do with this revelation. It’s kind of a coin flip between starting a new religion – you know, going full frontal L. Ron Hubbard – and applying for a federal tax exemption – or just making a nice donor pledge to PBS.

Image: first focused foto from the Webb telescope

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  1. Thought provoking indeed! But are we humans really capable of understanding the “BIG PICTURE “? The big picture is TOO BIG for our squabbling species to truly understand, in my opinion. But individuals like yourself, Chris, and others of like sensibility and intellect can help open the door to sensibility and sensitivity! Keep up your good thought and sensitivity. And I hope to meet you in person some day! I live in black mountain.

    • Thank you for the comment, Joseph. I think you’re right we humans aren’t going to see the “big picture” since there is no way to ever see that. The more we increase our knowledge, the more fascinating curiosities that unfold. Perhaps we’ll meet up at some later date. Be well.

  2. Hi Chris. You are having a good time playing with astrophysicists most recent proclamation.. almost like revelations from god or in your comedic speculation ….is god. maybe. I think a religion has already started in India worshipping dark MATTER not energy. Dark matter is invisible, unknowable, holds the universe together and was possibly here before the Big Bang. 27% of everything second only to dark energy which is pushing everything apart in a form of eternal cosmic distancing to stop the spread of a viral universe. The latest of physics has made the ancient Indo-Aryan hypotheses of a god who is so large it is unfathomable. omnipresent and the reason the universe even exists appear to be more prophetic than anthropomorphic monotheism IMHO. I think there are Hindu sects that are on the same page as you but few read your wise speculation. As to gravity being the essence of evil, I think those who have fallen to earth, seen a plane crash or a earthquake fell thousands of buildings might agree with you. However, to be fair with this collapsing force, it does keep us from spinning off in space never to circle the sun in a goldilocks orbit or lay our head down gently on the pillow before sleep ascends.

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