The Faithful Atheist

Now, that title is an attention-grabber, thank you very much!  It came to me while writing a new column on public praying, and finding this poem I wrote last year.

Read from the TOP, it’s a statement of Faith.

Read from the BOTTOM, it’s a statement of Freethought.

All a matter of perspective.

The ups and downs of the beliefs that divide us, yet hint at the fact we share the same world. . .

“Perspective (ups and downs)”

God is there

So please don’t tell me

There’s nothing greater than Nature

I don’t see why someone can’t see 

The universe is a wondrous mystery

Others think science and reason are the way

While believers say “believe, trust and pray”

Faith points above, behind, beyond

While there’s suffering, darkness, despair and death

I seek for wisdom, what is true and right and good

I wonder at the incredible Beauty of it all

The rivers and forests and oceans 

The smallest creatures, the highest mountains

The stars and suns, planets and moons 

Because when I consider this amazing world   

How could I say there is no Creator?

{Now read bottom up}

Chris Highland


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  1. That was awesome! Well done! I like bottom up, by the way!

  2. Chris, Fascinating! Great poem. As a sometime poet myself, I am curious, (if you don’t mind sharing), did you achieve the paradoxical nature of the poem’s meanings by rational planning, or did the poem come to you all of a sudden from your creative inspiration. I’ve written both sorts of poem, ones via by calculation and others y sudden inspiration.

    • Thanks, Daniel, yes I tried to craft it this way. I first got the idea from this clever, and meaningful, poem:
      “Pretty Ugly”

      I’m very ugly
      So don’t try to convince me that
      I’m a very beautiful person
      Because at the end of the day
      I hate myself in every single way
      And I’m not going to lie to myself by saying
      There is beauty inside of me that matters
      So rest assured I will remind myself
      That I am a worthless, terrible person
      And nothing you say will make me believe
      I still deserve love
      Because no matter what
      I am not good enough to be loved
      And I am in no position to believe that
      Beauty does exist within me
      Because whenever I look in the mirror I always think
      Am I as ugly as people say?

      (Now read bottom up)
      by Abdullah Shoaib

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