Common Good

A bit of wit and wisdom gleaned from Nick Offerman’s “Where the Deer and the Antelope Play”:

“Let’s own the ways in which we have treated the earth with violence … We know now that the whole of creation is one infinite metabolism, and so our every action is inseparable from the economy of the world, and thus chemicals that we dump in the ocean, or bury, inevitably end up back in our drinking water, the food we eat, and the air we breathe.

All of these notions, therefore, are inextricably connected.”

“Therefore the conversations I want to be a part of … simply examine where we American dipshits need to be applying our focus, for the common good.”

Good one, Nick.

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  1. We are part time residents of Asheville who chose it partly due to its reputation as a more liberal city. The other reason is my need to live in a place where it is easy to go out into nature. I have enjoyed your columns immensely. Nature is where I feel “Spirit” or the Creator more intensely. My belief is that all living creatures are made of energy and each has a spirit. My “religion” is an amalgam that feels right to me – a combination of some New Testament (sermon on the Mount), pantheism, some Buddhist thinking and a bit of certain American Indian thinking. At any rate, I always find your writing has something to say to me. Right now, much (not all, thankfully) of Christianity doesn’t seem to be a positive force in our country. So then I go hiking.

    • Thanks for your comment, Faith. It seems these mountains are fountains for many streams of thoughts and beliefs. I’m with you, Nature offers respite, retreat and renewal from the oft-turbulent pools of faith. Appreciate you’re reading. Safe sauntering.

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