Digging for Wisdom

If you’re allergic to anything biblical you might skip this post.  Earlier this year I published a short commentary on The Message on the Mountain (aka The Sermon on the Mount).  Now I’ve published another brief commentary on an enigmatic text:

Breath, Death and Koheleth: A Secular Reading of Ecclesiastes


I learned way back in my evangelical college that the pursuit of truth and wisdom can take us anywhere, to any source.  We should be fearless with that search.  While I don’t regularly read the Bible any longer, I still find wisdom contained here and there.  Though I don’t discover any more wise thoughts or principles in the Bible than in other ancient texts, I do think a “secular reading” of certain parts can be informative, even “inspiring” at times.

With so many claiming they hold “biblical views” and pushing to make the Bible our new Constitution, I think it’s timely to approach the text in a more reasonable manner, critical thinking fully engaged.  

Not for everyone, but I would be interested in responses to either of these books.  

Next Up:  Above All Gods: A Secular Reading of the Psalms

(I’ll probably stop this series with that one)

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  1. I love the concept and would read it for sure. It resonates with me and the Kindle price can’t be beat. I would be happy to post about the book on my blog.

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