Humanist of the Year

I was pleased to participate in the annual American Humanist Association convention this year.  One highlight was having the opportunity to hear Dr. Anthony Fauci receive the Humanist of the Year award!  He joins quite a long list of former awardees including Isaac Asimov, Gloria Steinem, Salman Rushdie, Alice Walker and many other humanistic thinkers and artists.

A few years ago, Dr. Fauci was directly asked about his religious thoughts on C-Span:

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  1. I also attended the AHA conference and was very pleased that they recognized the very critical work of not only Dr. Fauci but also his staff and the efforts of many rational scientists who were under attack everyday by Trump allies who are politicizing medicine to its detriment. It is like in ancient Mesopotamia when priests instructed those with disease to go to the temple and offer a gift to the pantheon of the day to be healed which after dark they gathered up as goodies for the ecclesiastical greedy religious elite. To jeopardize people health and lives for political gain to me is about as unconscionable as it gets in civil democracies. This was a form of policy genocide that hopefully historians and journalists of the day will call out for the evil it was. The didn’t pull the trigger but loaded the gun for conspiratorial idiots. They even sucked my daughter’s boyfriend into this doubt so he remains unvaccinated and refuses to wear masks…and he is a very smart Berkeley MBA grad. OMG. The attack by Ryan Paul et. al in the hearings were atrocious and make me supportive of my decision to move to Canada during the Reagan years to escape Republican politics which favor the elite in this day and age.

    I just ordered and received your book on was Jesus a Humanist and very eager to read about his penis. I didn’t know you studied urology besides your theology training. HA!

    • Yeah, Marty, good conference, and. . .it is disturbing, and a bit scary, when people turn down the dimmer switch in the brain.
      The chapter on that “holy appendage” is of course in “Simply Secular.” I was just interviewed on a podcast about the newer book, “Was Jesus a Humanist?” That will be “on air” next month. Hope you can breathe out there with all the fires.

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