Book of Questions

My latest book, Was Jesus a Humanist?: and other Questionable Essays, is a collection of 25 short essays framed as questions.

Through my years as an evangelical Christian, then Protestant minister and interfaith chaplain, and now as a secular freethinker, certain questions have troubled and intrigued me.  At this stage of the journey I’m interested in who and what speaks to our day, our world.  Does anything from the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth still have relevance, especially to progressive thinkers with or without faith?

Here are some questions I raise and address in the book:

Interview with a Strange Young Teacher? A Prophetic Professor’s Greatest Challenge? The Man from Nazareth: Liar, Lunatic, Lord, or? Was Jesus a Humanist? What if Believing Isn’t the Point? Leaving the Choir, Still Singing? Baby Gods? Saved from What? Open for Truth? Did Jesus Teach the Christianity We See Today? Faith: Lost, Found, Misplaced or Given Away? iPhone, iHuman, iGod … I Wonder? Can Faith or Freethinking be Forced? Does the World Still Need Evangelism? Are Religion and Spirituality the Same? Secular Jesus? Holy, Holey or Wholly? Losing Friendships Over Faith? Time Served with the Criminal Christ? Where is the Christian? (Part One) Where is the Christian? (Part Two) Does the Worship of Jesus break a few Commandments? Jesus was Jewish (But Should Jews be Christians?) Can a Secular Person be a Christian? Saving Jesus?

Maybe some of these have been your questions too?

Let me know.  I’d be interested what you think of my little book of questions.

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  1. I love the “Was Jesus a Humanist?” cover!

    It reminds me too of Garrison Keillor’s UU jokes….
    Q: Why are Unitarians such bad singers?
    A: They’re always looking ahead to see if they agree with the words.
    & — Did you hear about the Unitarians who burned a question mark on someone’s lawn?

    Seems like other people have opinions… I have questions.

    One of the “Was Jesus” questions reminds me of one of my favorite essays nowadays — Richard Dawkins’ “Atheists for Jesus.” What great concepts, and humor!

    I can hardly wait for my Book of Questions to arrive!

    Always, thank you!! : )

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