Faith, Values and the “Dones”

Sure to stir more questions and pushback, this article in “The Conversation” is worth a read.

“Faith Still Shapes Morals and Values Even After People are Done with Religion”

“So what happens to a person’s morality and values when they lose faith?”

“Together, these projects show that the religion residue effect is real. The morals and values of religious dones are more similar to those of religious Americans than they are to the morals and values of other nonreligious Americans.”

Religious “Dones.”  I think that’s a good term.

“Religion residue.”  Makes me smile.

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  1. This is one of religion’s greatest fallacies – and that is saying a lot. So what, people that never heard of the Bible never developed morals or values? What nonsense! And Confucius, the greatest sage of the Chinese civilization? He had no morals because he never heard of the Bible? Pure BS.

    • Yes, and. . .I have no issue with the “religious residue,” that some good values can be carried forward from what we learn in prior religious experience. Certainly not the only origin of those values, but one origin.

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