Hive Mind

Sneak peek at this weekend’s column:

In the Galaxy of Religion, Resistance is Not Futile

“In the Sci-Fi series, “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” one of the most dangerous aliens is the Borg—a species that travels in huge black cubes, “assimilating” all other species they encounter. The Borg captures anyone in their path and turns each organism into a half-organic/half-mechanized hybrid. With humans this means a person is transformed into a machine, part by part. Frightening, horrible. “You will be assimilated” is the most fearsome thing the crew of the Enterprise hears as they cross the galaxy.”

“See any connection to religious faith here? Not only religion, of course, but any “hive,” any group or party that seeks to incorporate individuals into a collective. To operate efficiently, the machine requires obedient members who cooperate as a single unit. The machine won’t function if too many decide they don’t want to be cogs any longer. “I think” can be the greatest threat to the corporate machines.

For a great many people in history, resisting the collective has been futile. They feel powerless to disconnect from the overpowering control of the Great Cubes. When people are led to believe the Cube is invincible, that assimilation is inevitable, they give up their power with their individuality.”

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