Being a-Super

I was going to call this my “Thought of the Day,” but it’s really something I’ve thought about for a long while …

I consider myself:

a-supernatural (there is nothing beyond, beneath, behind the natural universe)

a-religious (having no religious beliefs)

a-spiritual (since it’s never been clear what that word means)

a-theist (no belief in a god, gods or divinities)

To be very clear, none of this “Statement of Non-Faith” means I am “anti” religious, “anti” faith, and it especially does not mean I am “anti”-people of faith.

As I have said many times before, I am “Pro” many more things than I am “A” or “Anti.”  We can’t base our lives on the negatives when there is so much that is positive in life.  And again, this is one main reason I refer to myself as a freethinker rather than an atheist.

It may be most important to emphasize that I do not consider myself:


I am, after all

A human.

That’s my thought of the day … and a lifetime!

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