My Address is a River

The new edition of My Address is a River, first published in 2010, is now available in paperback and ebook!

It’s a concise collection of some 70 stories and reflections on my years as an Interfaith Chaplain and Shelter Director.  The people are unforgettable; the experiences and “learning moments” timeless.  If you’ve never read it, well, I invite you to pick up a copy and post a response.  I think you’ll find a lot to engage the mind and enlighten the heart.  In some ways, among the dozen or so books I’ve written, this one stands out as the book I’m most proud of.


{btw, if you’ve seen the film “Nomadland,” you have a feel for the people in my nomadic congregation during the years of my chaplaincy}.

Table of Contents from

My Address is a River:  A Place to Belong, Closer to Home:

{Each chapter is paired with a quote from a wise thinker}

Introduction (Henry David Thoreau)
1. Faces of the Homeless God (Joseph Meeker)
2. Earthome (Suzanne Walker)
3. Cup-o-Grace (Gautama Buddha)
4. Sacraments Flame (Lao Tzu)
5. Something Missing? (E.F. Schumacher)
6. Driftwood (Emma Lazarus)
7. God’s Body (Saul aka Paul of Tarsus)
8. River of Compassion (Qur’an)
9. Travelers (Walt Whitman)
10. Confirmation (John Steinbeck)
11. Thanksgiving (Those Left Outside)
12. Thanks Again (Eagle Man)
13. My Address is an Island (Bron Taylor)
14. A River Long Passed (Bhagavad Gita)
15. Living Rainbow (Bob King)
16. Walking the Edge (Marcus Aurelius)
17. Woman of Color (Robert Green Ingersoll)
18. New Sacraments (Jean Pierre de Caussade)
19. Just Us, or Justice? (Oscar Romero)
20. Police Cry Too (Mary Oliver)
21. Voyager (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
22. Between Religions (Frances Wright)
23. Mystics & Mistakes (Rumi)
24. King of Pain (Frank Leon)
25. The Poor (e.e. cummings)
26. No Home, USA (T.S. Eliot)
27. Refugees (Alice Walker)
28. Who’s Really at the Door? (Martin Luther King, Jr.)
29. His Address is a Boat (Rumi)
30. Friend in the Forest (Richard Nelson)
31. Rabbi (Martin Buber)
32. Trespassing ( John Hanson Mitchell)
33. Wildcare (Robert Burns)
34. Dredging (Edward Abbey)
35. Business as Un-usual (Richard Louv)
36. COG (Democritus)
37. A Good Heart (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
38. What We Can Be (Qur’an)
39. Eternal Flame (Wiccan)
40. Right to Life (Elizabeth Cady Stanton)
41. We Built this City (Mahatma Gandhi)
42. Reputation (Richard Dawkins)
43. Field Trips (John Muir)
44. Over the Wall (Thomas Paine)
45. One of Them (Mahatma Gandhi)
46. Trauma Drama (William Shakespeare)
47. Beauty of the Heart (John Muir)
48. Misfits (Bhagavad Gita)
49. Mouich (Talmud)
50. Looking Back (Shantideva)
51. Bumming (William James)
52. Flying Signs (Shabestari)
53. Dancing with Death (Walt Whitman)
54. The Liminal Chaplain (Dave Matthews)
55. Furry Companions (Benjamin Franklin)
56. Baby Feet (Shurli Grant)
57. Slow is Good (William Blake)
58. Kamikaze Kali (Ramakrishna)
59. Who’s Mentally Ill? (John Brown)
60. Living with Suicide (David Shipler)
61. Prayer ( John Burroughs)
62. Origami (Matsuo Basho)
63. Anonymous (Bill Bryson)
64. Streaming Music (Pete Seeger)
65. My Address is a Grave (Edward Abbey)
66. The Dream of Friendship (Henry David Thoreau)
67. Painting the World (Anna Ione)
68. Green Village (Paul McCartney)
69. Buskers, Beggars and (Air) Beds (Booker T. Washington)
70. Beyond Shelter (Malcolm Jones)

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