Having just spent a few hours reading through First and Second Kings in the Hebrew Bible (to refresh my memory of all the rulers who made The King so mad–not Elvis, the Lord God of Israel), I found this poster by Iowa Atheists quite clever.


btw, in case you never learned this as I did in Church, College and Seminary … The Lord was not happy the people of Israel chose a king in the first place. HE was supposed to be the only Ruler. This is why most kings kept messing up. It wasn’t The Plan.

This is one origin of the whole Christian Nationalist belief in a “Theocracy.” They never get around to explaining what this would mean in practice (except our Secular Constitution would be replaced by the Bible), but imagine this:

What would it even look like to have God as President?

Guess who His cabinet would be: you guessed it … preachers, theologians, Sunday school teachers.

If that ever happened, I might find myself saying, “Lord help us!” (maybe not)

{note: I was reading those parts of the Hebrew Bible after seeing a story about some Southern Baptist preachers calling VP Kamala Harris a “Jezebel.” That they find any parallel with the biblical Queen Jezebel shows their profound ignorance, and perhaps Racist-for-Jesus beliefs}

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  1. Hi Chris. If any country ever got to the point of trying to be a Christian State with all of the diversity in Western Democracies, who would get to make the rules and policies? The Episcopalians who accept gay priests, the Baptists who only dunk their babies, the Catholics who require confession regularly, the JW who won’t salute the flag, or the Christian Scientists who don’t go to doctors (less cost to Obamacare) even the Mormons who like more than one wife. Wouldn’t want to be on that committee with all of them claiming truth from God. It would be worse that the pluralistic secular society we have today. When religious zealots call for a more theocratic system they mean their god and rules. What a disaster would be in store for the Christian minority.

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