Proudly Pro-Life

This may come as a shock to some readers, but ’tis the season for honesty, isn’t it?  (that’s a very tiny joke at election time).  So, here’s something I just posted on the Book of Faces.  See what you think.

Thought of the Day:

I wonder why “pro-lifers” don’t vote for Democrats.

Most Democrats support honest sex education in schools, access to contraception and believe that women are smart enough to make intelligent decisions about their health with their doctors, rather than their pastors. All these can reduce abortions.

Oh, and Dems tend to be pro-life in many other ways: we’re not quick to bumble into wars (sending our service members into needless conflict), we don’t criminalize people in distress (homeless, addicted, migrants, etc), we don’t generally support the death penalty, and once again, we support decent healthcare for all.

Saving lives. Isn’t that an American value all parties should protect?

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  1. Agree. Real pro-lifers would also spend their efforts and activism against war, capital punishment and the broken prison system in the United States. Thanks for sharing your Humanist view on this issue!

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