Unbearably Wild

A shadow appears at the corner of my eye.  I glance out the window.  A black shape passes.  Immediate action!  Grab my phonera (why not name it phone+camera?) and walk quickly to the window, crouching.  Around the corner a large shape appears.  No time to open the door to get a close up … and might be good I didn’t, since

the Big Mama Bear was close!

As she ambled by, I clicked a few shots.

She didn’t turn, didn’t see me.



And then, just as I was savoring THAT …

A little cub trots by!

Startled, I take a quick photo.


Smiling, I was happy to see my visiting neighbors …

And THEN, another cub!

Running too quick to catch an image.

I welcome the Wild.

Daily wild, inside and outside.

Never (or rarely, barely) unbearable.

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