Old Friends, Shared History

A very delightful FB video re-connect with an old friend today.  He showed me around his amazing land in WA state (chickens, forest, wetlands and all).  I showed him a few scenes from here in the Blue Ridge mountains.  I waved greetings to his wife and he to mine.

A great reminder that many years may pass but old friends can rekindle friendship anew, not only by sharing stories from a common past (as fun as that can be) but from common commitments to family, home and making the world better. . .one day at a time, one tree at a time, one chicken at a time!

And, since Rob remains a progressive person of faith, I look forward to many discussions across the bridges that often divide secular and spiritual people (it doesn’t seem there are any bridges to divide my friend and me, except distance).  What better way to approach those conversations but through abiding relationships, consistently aware of “shared history,” learning new things from the people we are now, in the present.

Thanks for the friendship through the years, my old buddy Rob!

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