Paradox of Christian Nationalism

I just borrowed my wife’s copy of The Power Worshippers by Katherine Stewart, and ate it up.  I highly recommend it for anyone who is concerned about the merging of Religion and Government.  Though I’m still digesting the very troubling, even angering, information she exposes, here’s one section I marked:

“Perhaps the most obvious paradox of Christian Nationalism is that it preaches love but everywhere practices intolerance, even hate … .  Members of the movement are often kind in person.  They love and care for their children, volunteer in their communities, and establish long friendships–and then they seek to punish those who are different.  It is not enough for them to assert that they alone are religiously righteous, they want everyone else to conform to their ideas of righteousness.  They save some of their most poisonous words for those who dare to identify as Christians of a different sort.  In their eyes, the archest of enemies are the misguided souls who would champion ‘social justice.'”

I wasn’t completely surprised by what she uncovers.  I’ve known people like this.  We have to keep exposing these attempts to force America to be their special kind of  “Christian Nation.”  And we should never say:

“We are powerless over the power worshippers.”

We need to keep shining light on these people and their un-patriotic plans.

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  1. yes indeed, Chris. I have encountered several christians who are very nice on the surface but do not want anyone other than “our people” to threaten their ideal of a perfect world.

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