Supreme Stupidity

The U.S. Supreme Court has been all over the map with rulings these days.  Some good decisions, in my opinion, and some pretty bad ones. . .like the one today on public monies going to religious schools.

I’d call that, Supreme Separation from Reality.

Who will save us from Betsy DeVos and her band of Evangepublicans?

The Satanic Temple!. . .They need to set up a school and demand public funding.

Then Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, Muslims, Orthodox Jews and all other religious schools can line up and share in the windfall of tax dollars.

Those hypocrites who whine about “Religious Liberty,” let’s give them exactly what they want:  Tax-supported sectarian schools for Any Religion. . .(oh yes, not just Your Religion).

Big Whoops on them.

You wait.  I can’t wait.

The more the “Wall of Separation” is dismantled, the more we need what Robert Ingersoll called a Religion of Humanity and a Temple of Reason.

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