Navajo Chant

Hold on to your seats.  This freethinking humanist has been asked by a local pastor to lead into the “prayers of the people” for the congregation this Sunday (online).  I don’t pray anymore.  But I accepted the invitation and chose to adapt the words of a Navajo chant, in honor of indigenous nations particularly suffering right now through the pandemic.

It seems both naturalistic and humanistic.

“Its Life Am I”

{hozhoni is a Navajo word meaning beauty, peace, harmony}

Hozhoni, hozhoni, hozhoni.
The Earth, its life am I, hozhoni.
The Earth, its feet are my feet, hozhoni.
The Earth, its legs are my legs, hozhoni.
The Earth, its body is my body, hozhoni.
The Earth, its thoughts are my thoughts, hozhoni.
The Earth, its speech is my speech, hozhoni.

The sky, its life am I …
The mountains, its life am I …
The Sun, its life am I …
White corn, yellow corn, the corn beetle
its life am I, hozhoni, hozhoni, hozhoni.


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  1. I just opened my copy of “The World’s Wisdom,” which you wrote elsewhere is the source for this chant. [It shipped from NY so I let it decontaminate a bit before opening : / ] I am thrilled! what a treasure. I especially like the Grace Notes… Thank you for another wonderful companion for the journey

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