Freethinkers’ Wedding

Eleven years ago, my wife Carol and I were married in a zendo at a Buddhist retreat center in California by four women: a Christian minister, Buddhist priest, Jewish rabbi and Wiccan witch!  Sound strange?  Of course, we were both active leaders in Interfaith work for many years.  This was our circle, our community.

Not only were the officiants our personal friends and colleagues who represented different traditions, the hundred people who took off their shoes to celebrate with us that May 2 were Episcopalian and Evangelical, Catholic and Unitarian, Bahai and Baptist, Presbyterian and Pentecostal, Muslim and Methodist, Hindu and Humanist … and much more.

Oh, and Freethinkers … like the Groom!  (the Bride is quite a Freethinking Christian herself).

The day was all the more special with Carol’s parents, Janet and Charlie, renewing their vows on their 50th Wedding Anniversary … and, my sister Roberta and husband Keith celebrating their 27th on the same day!

A Big Thanks to everyone who “blessed” us with their presence that day.

And, of course, a Huge Hug to my beautiful wife Carol as we now live far from so many of our wonderfully diverse circle of community.  Their love still encircles us here, now encircled by these North Carolina mountains.

Some photographic memories to share today:


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  1. Very cool. Congratulations

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