John Muir’s 182nd!

Naturalist John Muir would be 182 today!

Born on April 21, 1838, Muir sauntered his way from Scotland to Wisconsin before walking a thousand miles to the Gulf of Mexico and on to his beloved “temples” in the Mountains of California and beyond.

Muir’s legacy of exploration and pure joy in the natural world still inspires us today.  Secular or spiritual, we can find great wisdom and delightful storytelling from the mind and mouth of this man who wrote:

“Presently you lose consciousness of your own separate existence, you blend with the landscape and become part and parcel of nature.” (A Thousand-Mile Walk)

And so he has!

Thank you, Johnnie and a happy (very old) birthday!

Meditations of John Muir:  Nature’s Temple 

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  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Muir. I have merged with the landscape so many times in the High Sierras that I think Gersage Pass has my soul or at least some of my shedding cells. Fly fishing the high mountains was my high. Started as a teen and would be continuing if I still lived in California. My first wife went to John Muir High School in Pasadena and a good class mate of mine bought his home in South Pasadena where he could look out over the Arroyo Seco Canyon and small stream that ran south to Los Angeles. Mr. Muir is not really dead in certain sense for me and it appears for you also, Chris. We share many preferences beyond our Humanism and penchant for good writing about
    the wonders of our home and universe. I will have a glass of wine tonight toasting his and our connection. Stay safe and digesting the great literature available to us. .

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