Favorite Nature Photographs

A selection of my favorite images captured over the last 20 years

Let me know if you have any favorites

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  1. You asked about favorites. While I am instantly drawn to the landscape shots, there’s something about the sole rower in Seatle that speaks to me. Probably my inner loner. 🙂

    • Yes, Eric, that solitude caught my attention too. Born and raised in Seattle, I can tell you the gray sky against the gray water doesn’t always have to be depressing! Thanks for your comment.

      • You are most welcome. I didn’t find it particularly depressing, just the sense of being alone. It’s a reflection of the situation all people are in. Despite connections with friends and family, we are ultimately alone. That photo captured this feeling for me.

  2. The landing photograph is spectacular, and Paine quote wonderful. All your photographs are my favorite, but the mountain one takes me to my heartscape…. growing up, sometimes I could conference at Montreat NC (not far from Asheville, for non-TarHeels), and I studied at Maryville College in the Tennessee foothills, so this landscape has always been numinal for me. Thank you for taking us there!!!

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