Spring in our Steps

Winter fades on the trail behind, as Spring opens on the trail ahead.

Interesting explanation of the Early Equinox here:

Spring Starts Today (NYT)

I was particularly impressed with these concluding statements:

“NASA’s Michelle Thaller says the messiness of the calendar is a reminder that the movements of the Earth are not designed for the pleasure and ease of humans. “We all sort of think that the universe was made for us,” she says. “The day and night cycle does not fit into the year. Why isn’t it perfect? Because why should it be?”

But, she says, as an astrophysicist she finds meaning in things that are beyond the control of humans. “You know, we’re all on this little rotating rock together and we’re tiny,” she says. “The only thing we have is each other. The only thing that’s going to help the loneliness is each other.”

Wise words.

Have an Exceptional Equinox!

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