My Column (Sneak Preview)

Coming this Saturday in the Citizen-Times …

“A Non-Believer’s Open Letter to God”

Why on earth (or anywhere else) would a non-believing humanist freethinking secular person write a letter to a Being they don’t believe exists? Great question. I’m not sure.

Two things before I begin. My intent is not to mock sincere beliefs; I hope readers will hear more humor than sarcasm. Also, I need to assure readers that quoting ancient books in response will not be helpful (or guessing at a divine response).

Herewith my open letter.

Dear Creator of the Universe (or Dear Universe?),
Since the world has been divided over belief in You for … well, forever, I thought I might dare to ask You some nagging questions (though, honestly, I don’t expect a reply except from those who are confident they speak for You).

So, “God” (or should I call you Adonai, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Buddha or Goddess?), I hesitate to address You as “dear” since that implies a personal intimacy and familiarity—can anyone be so audacious to claim that?”

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Read the rest of the column this Saturday in the Citizen-Times

(Reminder:  I post a PDF copy of the column each weekend here)

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