Please Support My Work


I post this “invitation” now and then.

I’m not paid for most of my teaching and writing, so I welcome anything to show you sit, stand or walk with me.

Please Support My Work on Patreon! 

And/or Write a Review of my Books on Amazon or other bookseller site.

The Invitation:

Working with non-profits for many years I got used to “professional begging” … asking people to support the good things we were doing.  The partnerships helped me as well as the givers and the people we were serving.  Win-win for everyone.

But no one likes to ask for money (well, some do, because they’re paid to!)

Anyway, my old friend Lee Debarros, a Zen Priest and chair of our chaplaincy board, used to tell me, “Chris, when you ask people for money, let them know you are giving them the opportunity to give.  That’s good for them!”

Wise advice.  I think.

Now, I’d like to give YOU that opportunity to support my work today.

My writing, teaching and public presentation is often volunteer work, but I see, hear and know how valuable it is (check out the responses to my writing and my teaching).  Though I enjoy what I do, it’s time-consuming to prepare and teach classes, or write weekly columns and blogposts.  And public speaking, if it pays anything, sometimes barely pays for the gas and a meal.  But I love doing these things, I think I’m pretty good at them, and …  it can be a lot of fun!

So, I’ve started a page on Patreon for all you Patrons and Matrons out there who believe in my work.

You can give whatever you want, but a monthly pledge has its benefits … like free books!

Drop me a line if you’d like to discuss it, otherwise, here’s your opportunity:

Please Support My Work on Patreon! 

Thank You!



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