You HAVE to Read This!

NO, you DON’T have to read this (or:  No, you don’t have to read this.  No caps).

I make it a habit of never reading something or looking at something when someone exclaims, You have to read this!

If the person is a friend or family member and I tend to trust their judgment, I just might take a look, while cringing that they had to announce it like that.

Anyone else noticing that we are now in an EXCLAMATION culture?  Yes you are!!!

I’m finding that some people simply can’t talk or say anything without lots of !!!!!.

Some of these folks seem to take offense if you don’t reply to them showing effusive thrill to be writing notes with them.

Let’s calm down, shall we? (or, Let’s calm down, shall we?  No bold).

If something is worth saying, worth reading, worth seeing, it won’t take enthusiastic excitement and verbal jumping up and down, wildly waving arms (with silly emojis and GIFs) to communicate.

So, IF you’ve read this …

Sorry to hear it (!)

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