Muir and Me


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John Muir sauntered into the wilds of my mind and my life, becoming first a “spiritual prophet” and then a “secular saint” for me.  As you may know, my first book, Meditations of John Muir (which has sold about 50,000 copies), and my first novel, Jesus and John Muir, are dedicated to Muir’s natural wisdom, sorely needed in our world today, now, in the present time.

Harold Wood, who manages the Sierra Club John Muir Exhibit online, has honored me with this page among the many others influenced by the mountainous mind of Muir.


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  1. This is great! Happy to know about the exhibit, and congratulations on being part of it!! — I especially like the way you phrase the concern for “those lost in the weeds of creeds” — Great news!

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