Zuckerberg Religion

Anniversary 7

I was married in a Buddhist temple, but I’m not a Buddhist, and not religious

Do we care what the Uber-Rich believe?

The Super-powerful might have faith in a Super-God.

Does that matter?

Old news to some of us, but I see that a few Christian sites are thrilled that

Mark Zuckerberg is “no longer an atheist.”

Hallelujah, he’s a believer!

Except … what about the truth?

Zuckerberg finds Religion

As I read it, I can almost say that

I believe what Zuck believes!

“After a long period of thinking, he came to the conclusion that religion has a lot to provide; including love, support and strength.”

Well, I’ll be damned, I can agree with him on that.  Religion does, or can, offer those things.  But it didn’t take “a long period of thinking” to conclude that.

Then we hear that his wife is a Buddhist and he bowed at a Buddhist temple.  I’ve done that, and can still offer a bow to honor an ancient teacher.  Does that make him, or me, a Buddhist?  Spoiler:  There’s no god to worship in Buddhism.

And he met with the pope and was “impressed with the pope’s compassion.”

Me too (to an extent).

So, it looks like Zuckerberg getting religion is fairly close to my “secular religion.”

BUT … here’s where Zuck’s Religion gets really silly and I can’t FRIEND him with this:

He says, “I went through a period when I questioned things.”

What?  Now he doesn’t “question things” any more?

Rich people can sometimes be the dumbest people.

Then again, Zuck and I seem to share some similar views.

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