Atheist Prayer

Listen to the Prologue to This American Life podcast on “The Weight of Words.”  Ira Glass expresses exactly how I felt for years.  Why does God need our prayers and why do people need to pray?

“If I believed in God, I guess [it] could be a comfort.  But I don’t believe.  But weirdly, even without that, without believing any of the words, I do find it’s a comfort to say the prayer.”


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  1. Chris, this is wonderful! so thankful I didn’t miss it — thank you so much!
    Yes, I am thinking “goodness, truth, and beauty” when I see the word “God” — Gordon Kaufman’s theology lays a philosophical/theological groundwork for this; “god”-language is becoming more usable for me. I’m still looking for just the right way to express things.
    Thank you for the beautiful piece.

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