Pray for Them?


Yet another tragic event (this time in Kyoto, Japan) and people are twitching their twitter fingers with “Pray for them.”

Sorry (but not really sorry) to ask, why?

Please explain what kind of faith kicks in to say some kind of prayers to a god when people are suffering or who’ve died?

And please explain what kind of deity needs people to ask Him/Her to “help” others in need, especially those who have already died?

Not sure I’ve ever understood the mentality of prayer, even when I used to pray.

Then again, it was never really about mentality, or thinking.  It was about telling God that we cared.  Yes, and what was the purpose of that?

Damn, I’m always swimming in questions!

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  1. Good questions!!! as usual : )
    As a certified wishy washy who as usual isn’t sure what I think about this, I reflect on quantum physics theories like entanglement and wonder whether maybe there’s an influence that has some kind of effect…. that scientists will understand a couple millennia from now. I haven’t wondered it strongly enough to actually do it — but I’m considering it!
    Thanks as always, Chris!!!

  2. Truly, I do wonder if that might not be the case….
    Sometimes I just take a moment to think positively of someone, just in case : )
    A sort of Elizabeth’s Wager

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