Am I Anti-Religious?


Seneca Rocks, West Virginia

Just to call yourself non-religious (secular, humanist, skeptic or atheist) seems to threaten some people who think self-identifying as a non-believer is an attack on their faith.  Doesn’t make sense, but appears to be true.

I don’t think I’m anti-religious at all (maybe anti-nonsense), but I wonder what people react to the most:

-When I call myself a “former believer,” “freethinker,” “heretic” or “humanist”?

-When I honestly tell my story of leaving ministry and faith?

-When I express (sometimes pointed) criticism of my former faith and Church?

-When I express my opinion that I see no evidence for a god (and don’t say God)?

-When I say that I respect Jesus as a wise teacher but not as divine?

-When I simply say that Nature is enough without a super-natural?

-When I raise uncomfortable questions that challenge the bible as a holy book (or write bible instead of Bible)?

-When I say things that some may find “disrespectful” and “hurtful”?

-When I call attention to the fact that America is a secular nation that affirms religious freedom?

-When I wonder what is so “offensive” about choosing not to believe what another person believes?

If you’re a believer, do you think any of this is anti-faith?

If you’re a non-believer, what do you think agitates people the most?


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  1. I think that expressing the opinion that we “see no evidence for a god” must threaten believer’s dream of immortality as well as their wish for a protective force in a hostile universe.

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