Question of the Day


Maybe I’ll make this an ongoing series …

I wonder:  Since we hear so much from our Pious Preacher Politicians and their faithful followers about “Christian Persecution” (TM) here and around the world, I wonder what would happen if someone did a poll of all the people seeking refuge at our borders to find out how many identify as Christian?

(hint:  since most of the asylum-seekers are from predominantly Catholic (Christian) countries, let’s guess most identify as Christian.  Would our “acting leaders” use the excuse that these people are not being persecuted for being Christian?  Except, if they ARE Christians, then what?  Shouldn’t they be treated with the “exceptional privilege” that Christians enjoy in America?)

See how one question sprouts more and more questions!

My questions will hopefully sprout more questions and comments from readers …

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  1. Except that many Evangelicals will claim that catholics are somehow “not christian”. A ridiculous claim, but it suits their political agenda. So if they can manage to dehumanize the people they are persecuting as “not christians”, maybe that’s how they are sleeping at night.

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