When a Pastor Bites their Tongue


Looking for Leaders who don’t bite their tongues too much. . .

I used to be a Presbyterian minister, so I paid closer attention to this story from Raleigh, NC.  The pastor of a white and wealthy Presbyterian church wants to keep the peace and keep his close community. . .of 4000 members. . .together, so he “bites his tongue” on controversial issues.

Now, this sounds nice: “We’re trying to build a community that puts into practice what it really means to love your neighbors,” Pastor Christopher Edmonston.

But his church is split–it’s “purple”, with a mix of Red and Blue politics.  And he wants to keep it that way.  He likes being purple.

I could say so much. . .

Here, only this:

Did Jesus “bite his tongue”?

(I suppose that would give new meaning to “He bled for our sins.”)

As a secular person, I’m glad he didn’t bite it.  He barked, and he bit. . .especially the self-righteous. . .the Super Spiritual, purple or not.  You knew exactly where he stood.

I’m all for “keeping the peace” if this means people can speak honestly and respectfully while listening to divergent opinions.  But what about that “honesty”?

Seriously, this seems to be a summary statement of the American Church.

Polarize everyone OR bite your tongue and hold the Purple Line.

It’s like, “I “bite my tongue” and don’t say what I really think needs to be said–the “truth”–and I don’t want to be “prophetic” (calling out and confronting the same people and issues Jesus did) because. . . we might lose members.”

Yes, indeed you might.  What if, God forbid, you lost half–2000?  You have 2000 left!

What about the others?  Well, if they don’t want to hear what you think and believe is True. . .maybe it’s best they go somewhere they can feel “comfortable” in their One-Color Faith, tongues a-wagging.

What a disappointment.  Yet, a strong confirmation of my decision to move on out and leave the Church to all the Tongue Biters.

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